Holiday Visits and Safety for People with Alzheimer’s

From the National Institute on Aging and the NIH:

Over time, people with Alzheimer’s disease become less able to move comfortably and safely around the house. As a caregiver, you can do many things to make the person’s home a safer place. Think prevention—help avoid accidents by addressing possible problems.


Prevent falls and injuries around the house with these tips:

* Simplify the home. Too much furniture can make it hard to move around freely

* Get rid of clutter, such as piles of newspapers and magazines.

* Have a sturdy handrail on stairways.

* Put carpet on stairs, or mark the edges of steps with brightly colored tape so the person can see them more easily.

* Put a gate across the stairs if the person has balance problems.

* Remove small throw rugs. Use rugs with nonskid backing instead.

* Make sure cords to electrical outlets are out of the way or tacked to baseboards.

* Clean up spills right away.


Get practical home safety tips for a person with Alzheimer’s disease from the National Institute on Aging:

#Alzheimer’s #caregivers—follow these tips to help prevent falls and injuries around the house:


Have a happy, and safe, holiday visiting with your loved ones, especially those living with Alzheimer’s.  Cherish these moments.  Best Wishes from your friends and neighbors at PA HOME CARE of Lancaster.  “With Hearts and Hands, We Care“, over the holidays, and always.


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