Quotes from our Valued Friends and Clients:

GH – “She goes above and beyond my expectations.”

CM – “She is like an angel.”

MB – “Daughter reports that “All the ladies do an amazing job.””

JB – “She does anything for me.”

TH – “She is great at everything.”

AB – “They all get an A+.”

AH – “She loves to clean and goes above and beyond.”

JF – “Very kind and helpful to me.”

PH – “Like family to me.”

JL – “Excellent, she gives her heart and soul.”

JR – “Good social interaction, very pleasant, enjoy the mental stimulation.”

BG – “Caregivers are fun to have around.”

LG – “She is a sweetheart; does a great job and we have a lot of laughs.”

PP – “Gives me a good bath.”

MH – “Does a really good job dealing with client’s depression and trust/anger issues.”

HR – “I am very satisfied with your company.  I appreciate their professionalism.”

MS – Caregivers are pleasant, on time, faithful; nice to depend on.”

KH – “Staff in the office is so very nice.”

RB – “She is a light in our lives.”

GH – “Very content, this is comforting to me.”

TG – “A delight! His extensive musical knowledge is a good match for my husband’s life long musical work.”

SZ – “I love to hear laughter as he is assisted in personal care. The match is perfect. As if you used Match.com. Thank you so much!”

JM – “Thank you for the help. All caretakers are a God-send, thank you.”

LG – “Very thoughtful and helpful and her personality is outstanding. I’m glad I found her.”

DI – “She is a shining star who is caring, respectful, very hard working, attentive, and wonderful. Over the top excellent.”

EF – “She does a good job. She is friendly and likes to talk but always gets her work done.”

IS – “She is a fill in, so we do not see her very much but she was very kind and easy to work with.”

AH – “Wonderful, does everything well.”

MH – “She fixes up my bed and always goes above and beyond.”

MT – “Does everything good.”

DR – “All the ladies are wonderful. I could not have better aides.”

NH – “Excellent, set the bar very high for other caregivers.”

MC – “Does a good job and is always pleasant.”

AF – “They always give me a good shower.”

LM – “They treat my mother like she is their mother, we are so grateful for the help.”

WW – “All the ladies are very good.”

CM – “She’ll do any thing for me.”

BM – ” Great with my mother.”

GB – “Everyone is kind and caring.”

MM – “Everything she does is good.”

MS – “Great caregiver.”

MT – “She is such a lovely person.”

PD – “Very conscientious.”

IH – “Cooks really good soup.”

GB – “Excellent, my right hand, like family.”

EW – “An angel, good at her job.”

JR – “Ladies are attentive.  They always ask if there’s anything else they can do.”

NB – “I don’t know what I’d do without her.”










Services Provided

* Primary Residence Cleaning
* Companionship & Errand Services
* Transport to Appointments
* Hospital Discharge Assessment
* Minor Residential Repairs
* Grocery Shopping
* Planning & Preparing Meals
* Personal Care Assistance
* Weekly Linens & Laundry Services
* Alzheimer's/Dementia Care
* Medication Reminders
* Aging & Health Resources

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