Home Sweet Home

Our homes are where we raise our families, host holiday gatherings, unwind, grow up, and make countless memories.

As we age, the thought of leaving our family home can be very troubling. We find that most individuals wish to stay in their home if possible. Some even choose to live out the rest of their days at home.

The idea of staying in our home is comforting. We can keep our friends, neighbors, community, visit our favorite restaurants, and keep our daily routines.

However, many of our homes are not equipped to let us age in place. We should evaluate our loved one’s homes and determine what should change before any major health issues take place. This will also allow spacing out the work and expenses over a period of time, instead of being a stressful situation dealing with major changes during a health crisis.

Some easy changes we can make are…

Build a ramp, install railings and add smooth thresholds between rooms and outdoor entrances.

Add safety rails and grab bars in the bathroom.

Stair lifts or platform lifts are options in homes with stairs.

Widen doorways to help accommodate walkers or wheelchairs.

Lever handles to doors help with easier opening.

If you are looking to remodel, you should talk with a company with accessibility experience who is also familiar with the Americans with disabilities act guidelines and local zoning laws.

We all want to help our loved ones; we want to honor their wishes. A few minor changes to our homes can help out as we age.  

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