Hospice Care

Calling for Hospice Care can feel like a scary step.

Hospice care is a unique service that helps to provide comfort and quality of life to your loved ones, and for you as well. Hospice care is available to anyone with a terminal illness that meets the criteria set forth by Medicare.

You do not need a referral from your doctor to call Hospice care. At any time, a person can be evaluated to see if hospice services are something that can be a benefit.

Turning to Hospice for support does not mean you are giving up. You will still get the medical care that you need. The services focus on quality of life, not curing a disease.  Hospice Care strives to provide their clients with the ability to live life as fully as possible and as pain free as possible.

You do not need to move from your home to receive Hospice services. Hospice can be covered through Medicare and Medicaid benefits along with some private insurance companies as well, with little to no cost to the patient.

Some of the services provided are:

  • Medication to ease pain
  • Medical equipment such as hospital beds, lifts, and other supplies
  • Advice on eating
  • Physical and speech therapy
  • Social work and counseling
  • Chaplin and spiritual services for you and your loved one
  • Counseling for your loved ones

There are options out there to help you and your loved one navigate difficult times.

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