Rainy Day Activities

  • By Elizabeth Hubbs

Rain is good for somethings, replenishing the plants, and keeping the drought away. But when you want to do activities outside the rain can put a damper on your plans. There are ways to work around the rainy-day blues and still have some fun. There are some activities that are still fun even though you can’t go outside.

Start off having fun with a Jigsaw puzzle. Puzzles are typical rainy-day activities, but there are many different varieties of puzzles. Different types of sizes and shapes. Ranging from, the typical rectangle, to a shape of a country or state to a cat. Maybe spice it up and try to complete your puzzle in a certain time frame.

Movies are a great way to relax on a rainy day

Another thing to do is to have a movie marathon. Either new or old, series or not, musical, or regular is an easy and fun thing to do when you have a rainy day and can’t do anything outside. Curl up with a blanket and turn on your tv to that one movie you have been waiting to watch or rewatch an old favorite that you have seen for the millionth time. Either way it’s a fun and cozy idea to do when it’s wet and dreary out.  So many movies and so many genres to watch. You will forget about the messy day outside.

Try a new recipe

Another fun thing to do would be to try a new recipe. You can make something to go with your movie marathon, lunch, or dinner. It can be something small like a new drink, salad, or something hearty like Chicken Potpie. Now that it’s late summer, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, and Peaches are all in season. Or maybe you want something sweet like warm, gooey cookies with some milk to enjoy with your movie marathon.


Reading a good book helps keeping your brain active while also having an enjoyable time. Curl up, get cozy, and read a book with some hot tea or coffee. There are many benefits to reading. It helps decrease stress. As well as helps getting a better quality of sleep.

A rainy day doesn’t always mean it has to be boring.

Next time it rains why not try one of the things listed above or change up what you want to do for the day even if it’s not raining and it is just hot and disgusting. Everyone needs a relaxing day every once and awhile.